Deck Stairs

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What Are My Options For Deck Stairs? When thinking about building a deck, stairs aren't typically the first thing that springs to mind. But they are an important consideration. Whether you're planning a new deck or replacing an old one, there are many options available. We encourage our customers to take some time and think through [...]

When should I first stain or treat my new pressure treated wood deck?

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If you building a treated wood deck out of green-treated wood, it’ll be ugly for a long time. What can you do? Stain it. Not only can you stain treated wood, staining is actually good for your new deck. Although the treated wood doesn’t need to be protected against rot, staining it will help reduce surface [...]

Can I power wash my cedar deck?

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While you can power wash your deck, we don’t recommend it. It’s very difficult to find the right amount of pressure to apply to a cedar deck, and the amount of time saved by using a pressure washer likely won’t make up for the damage you risk doing to your deck by stripping or damaging it [...]

I’ve heard these chemicals in pressure treated lumber are dangerous, is this true?

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Up until 2003 pressure treated wood was manufactured using a chromated copper arsenic (CCA) treatment process, which raised certain health concerns. Due to these health concerns, pressure treated wood manufacturers have phased out the CCA process. For more information, click here to read Health Canada’s page on Pressure treated wood safety. Since 2003, pressure treated wood [...]

I’ve heard that composite decks can have mold and mildew problems, is this true?

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Yes and no. Older composite decking materials (e.g. manufactured in the late 90’s) were especially vulnerable to mold and mildew development. Improvements in manufacturing have largely eliminated these problems, though poor deck construction can still contribute to them. Mold and mildew is most likely to occur in areas where water collects and pools for extended periods [...]